The Sinless Story

It Started with a cookie...

Here at Sinless Snacks we have a simple, somewhat humorous "beginning story". Chef Jordan and his better half Laura were sitting at the table one morning, eating breakfast burritos. (they're delicious by the way, you should ask Chef to whip you up a few) They sat in silence and pondered which rides they wanted to go on that day at Disney when Jordan, in his typical scatter-brained fashion, blurted out: "I want to start a vegan and gluten-free bakery. It makes me so sad to see some of the things folks with allergies and different eating lifestyles have to eat. Boring, lifeless, flavorless food. Where's the excitement? Where's the fun? And most importantly, where are the sweets?!? Yeah, I'm going to start a bakery". Less than 24 hours later, Jordan found a commercial kitchen to host his business, printed off all of the necessary steps to opening his own food business, and went to the grocery store to get TONS of ingredients to start experimenting, Several very late nights later, the launch menu was complete and Sinless Snacks was born!

The story doesn't end there. Chef Jordan's friends and family insisted that he share more of his culinary talents with others. While Chef will remain forever modest about his abilities, those who have tasted his creations love how he is able to combine a simplistic "down-home" cooking style with modern, unique ingredients. After much thought and debate, Chef was finally convinced and added full event catering to our services!

About Chef Jordan A. Matthews

Chef Jordan Matthews was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. He began his culinary journey in 2007 as an entry level cook and the desire to create beautiful and mouth-watering meals has grown exponentially since then. After countless personal experiences assisting individuals with food allergies, Chef Jordan sought out more and more knowledge about allergens and earned an allergy certification in 2018. In the words of the Chef himself: "Guests with allergies shouldn't have to have bland, boring meals; they deserve to have beautiful delicious food too!